The Dymally–Alatorre Bilingual Services Act (California Government Code Section 7290 et. Seq.) was signed into law in 1973, to eliminate language barriers that preclude people of our State, who either because they do not speak or write English or because their primary language is other than English, from having equal access to public services. This Act mandates that State and local agencies directly involved in the furnishing of information or the rendering of services to the public must in specifically prescribed situations employ a sufficient number of qualified bilingual persons in public contact positions to ensure the provision of information and services to the public in the language of the non-English speaking people.

The Act further mandates that every State and local agency that serves a substantial number of non-English speaking people, and provides materials in English explaining services, shall also provide the same type of materials in any non-English language spoken by a substantial number of the public served by the agency.

The Act also requires that each State and local agency survey each of their local offices and facilities every two years to obtain information about the public that it serves. The results of the survey are compiled by the California State Personnel Board and reported to the Legislature.


The Parentage Opportunity Program is responsible for ensuring that all persons, including those who are non-English speaking, are provided equal access to the available services and information of the Program. The program shall deliver services in ways that recognize individual differences and are sensitive to cultural differences. Effective communication with customers who are non-English speaking shall be achieved through bilingual staff, translated written materials, and contracted interpreter/translation services.

If you have any questions, need more information about the Dymally–Alatorre Bilingual Services Act, or have a complaint about the level of bilingual services from this department, please contact the Parentage Opportunity Program by calling 916.464.1982.